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For myself, every once in a while, the Holy Spirit would interrupt me in my thoughts and demand that I hand over to Him a certain negative self-statement that kept playing itself out in my mind at regular intervals. I wished He would just leave me and my thoughts alone. But II Corinthians , "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ," would come into my mind, along with a sense of the wonderful care of the Holy Spirit in bothering about what went on in my mind, and I would yield and give up my thought.

He would immediately replace it with a positive statement about my worth and value to Him from scripture. In the beginning this exercise would give me a dreadful retching sensation in my stomach but the more I yielded, the more did this sensation decrease in intensity. To my surprise, praising and worshipping God soon became a delightful exercise and there was nothing I wanted to do more in this world from morning til night. However, this wonderful experience did not last for more than a year and the feelings began to wane, leaving me angry with God.

God would sidestep my behavior and reach out to me in His own time and way. Had I realized His way of working, it would have saved me years of heartache, thinking myself out of favor with God and abandoned by Him. In spite of not being assured of God's presence with me, I learned to trust God and obey Him with all the strength that I possessed. I had charted out my life to serve God as a single, missionary doctor.

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The Lord graciously steered me into marriage and two children being born in quick succession. I did not pursue an MD for two reasons: I had an 8-month-old baby, and I did not want to do abortions which were mandatory in the Government Hospitals where I did my training.

I have never questioned the rightness of God's choice for my life in this matter. I thus learned that "to obey is better than sacrifice, and to pay attention is better than the fat of rams. Although I continued to feel that God was not speaking to me anymore as He had done in the past, He did continue to speak and build into my life with unvarying regularity. I received many wonderful prophetic words, many of which have been fulfilled thus far.

He miraculously opened many doors of opportunity and ministry and closed some others. Today I strive to help others and to continue to grow in my faith. I am also considering either writing a book or starting a blog to continue to share the message of faith and healing. The final push to leave Grace Family Church was when its senior pastor was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. The news was all over Sacramento.

Throughout the entire ordeal he maintained his innocence and he continues to function in his senior pastor role to this day. However, the facts proved otherwise. As a result, we became more open to the possibility of becoming members at an American church. I am in no way saying that the problem lies in Slavic churches, but that the issues we were seeing in the churches we were a part of were severe enough for us to be open to an idea of God leading us to an American church. We also became more critical of teachings heard from the church pulpits.

As you can hopefully see by now, our decision to leave the Slavic churches was not taken lightly. More importantly, we would have most likely remained in the Slavic churches had the pastors of those churches been repentant of their sin. Unfortunately, this was not the case in both of the above circumstances. Unfortunately, politics and the love for authority and power took over.

Unfortunately, we see the same kind of issues in many churches. This is partly why I was led to expose these kind of issues in the Slavic community in some of my previous posts. They see religion and all the dirty stuff associated with it — politics, power, control, etc.

In hindsight, I can see that had I known what I know now about spiritual warfare, I would pray more for the pastors. Had I known then what I know now about how the enemy works, attacking those who are at the frontlines of the spiritual battle, I would most likely intercede more on behalf of the church leaders, praying for protection against the enemy attacks.

Would I have discovered the amazing functions of the Holy Spirit that are overlooked by those who teach cessationism? By the time we started to regularly attend Bridgeway, I was desperate to know God more. The hunger for His Word was intense. I read the Bible daily with a new-found passion. I prayed, repenting for all the times I have been living a life of religion, misrepresenting my Jesus and what He had done for me. The Holy Spirit was working in my heart and preparing me for a day I will never forget. We were on a much needed getaway in the mountains.

My sister and her husband who was born in a Pentecostal family were vacationing with us. Shortly after that fateful day, our senior pastor led a 6-week course on the Holy Spirit and the miracle gifts. I was beyond excited to learn that He had sent the Holy Spirit to enable us, his body of believers to advance His Kingdom on earth. Yes, the Holy Spirit has many functions — to comfort, to convict, to bring people to the knowledge of God, etc.

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These are very important functions. However, I was realizing that my erroneous view that the miracle gifts have ceased put a limit on how God could work and move through me. As a mother, I started to pray for my children to be healed every time they got sick. As a daughter, I prayed for my mom to be healed when her back pain was severe. As a sister, I prayed for my brother to be healed from a disability that affected his entire life from the time he was born.

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That is how the Lord led me to be on a prayer team at Bridgeway. I was convicted of not following through with the Great Commision Jesus had given us prior to ascending to heaven Mark During praying with two prayer team members, not only did the Lord strengthen me, but He also confirmed that I was on the right track. | My Journey in the Spirit with Jesus, Najkii Vershawn Thomas | | Boeken

I was also invited to be on the prayer team. Things were happening with a fast pace from then on. I witnessed one miraculous healing and one deliverance from evil spirits while praying with a dear sister in Christ at Bridgeway.

I was also convinced and had faith that God was going to miraculously heal my brother. I repeatedly prayed for his healing.

Seek the Kingdom

There was no doubt. I knew God was going to heal him one day.

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My mom even had a conversation with me one day. She shared with me her own experiences when God miraculously healed her heart condition many years ago. I kept praying for my brother and I prayed for other people.

My Journey With My Father

The pressure from my parents to rethink my position, coupled with the absence of healings in those I prayed for, created an opening for doubt. We also moved away from the city to an isolated place in the mountains. It became difficult for us to make the hour drive to our home church.