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2 Corinthians: When I Am Weak, I Am Strong
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They are of that mixed form, between exposition and exhortation, which serves perhaps better than any other, first, to secure attention, and then to convey to an attentive hearer the full purport of the holy words as they stand in the Bible, and to communicate to him the very impression which the preacher himself had received from the text. The date of these Homilies is not exactly known: but it is certain that they were delivered at Antioch, were it only from Hom. Antioch was at that time, in a temporal sense, a flourishing Church, maintaining 3, widows and virgins , maimed persons, prisoners, and ministers of the altar; although, St.

Chrysostom adds, its income was but that of one of the lowest class of wealthy individuals. Homilies on First Corinthians. Homily I.

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Homily II. Homily III. He had been with them formerly almost two years. His residence there had been pleasant to them and to him; and had been the occasion of important benefits to them.

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He did not doubt that it would be so again. Tyndale renders this: "that ye might have had a double pleasure. Compare Note, see on []1Co ; also see on []1Co , which, combined with the words here, implies that the insinuation of some at Corinth, that he would not come at all, rested on the fact of his having thus disappointed them.

His change of intention, and ultimate resolution of going through Macedonia first, took place before his sending Timothy from Ephesus into Macedonia, and therefore 1Co before his writing the first Epistle.

2 Corinthians: authentic Christianity

The "benefit" of his visits consisted in the grace and spiritual gifts which he was the means of imparting Ro , Matthew Poole's Commentary Being confident that my presence with you would be matter of rejoicing both to you and also to me, I purposed: to come unto you before I went into Macedonia, visiting you shortly in my journey thither, that so you might have, a second longer visit in kindness to you. We find, Acts , that Paul received his first call into Macedonia in a vision; we read again of his passing through Macedonia to go to Jerusalem: the apostle seemeth to speak here of the latter.

See Eustathius, ad Od. But before or during the composition of our first Epistle he altered this plan as we know from 1 Corinthians to this extent, that he was not now to go first to Corinth, then to Macedonia, and from thence back to Corinth again 2 Corinthians , but through Macedonia to Corinth. The plan of travel, 1 Corinthians , was accordingly not the first Baur; comp. Lange, apost. Chrysostom, Theodoret, and Oecumenius make the apostle say: I had, when I wrote to you 1 Corinthians , the unexpressed intention to arrive still earlier than I promised, and to reach you even sooner immediately on the journey towards Macedonia.

Quite a mistaken view, since such a mere thought would not have been known to his opponents, and no excuse for his fickleness could therefore have been engrafted on i. Romans Rost, p. But against this it may be urged: 1 historically, that Paul certainly had been already twice in Corinth before our two Epistles see Introd. Baur, I. But Chrys. So also Erasmus, Vatablus, and others. Expositor's Greek Testament 2 Corinthians The circumstances seem to have been as follows.

While St. Romans ; Romans , inasmuch as he would have visited them both on his way to Macedonia, and on his return journey.


NPNF1-12. Saint Chrysostom: Homilies on the Epistles of Paul to the Corinthians

This project he had communicated to them, probably in the letter which is lost 1 Corinthians But he received bad news from Corinth 1 Corinthians , and he wrote 1 Cor. When the Corinthians heard of this, they began to reproach him with fickleness of purpose chap. We have his defence in the verses 15—22 before us. Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges 15— And in this confidence ] It was the conviction of this community of interest which made St Paul desire to visit Corinth. It was see 2 Corinthians the consciousness that all his converts did not realize it which made him anxious to try the effect of a letter first.

Since Paul planned to stay in Ephesus until the following spring cf. After leaving Corinth, Paul heard of immorality in the Corinthian church and wrote a letter since lost to confront that sin, referred to in 1 Cor. During his ministry in Ephesus, he received further reports of trouble in the Corinthian church in the form of divisions among them 1 Cor. In addition, the Corinthians wrote Paul a letter 1 Cor.

Sermons on 2 Corinthians - asirecyvubep.ml

Paul responded by writing the letter known as 1 Corinthians. Planning to remain at Ephesus a little longer 1 Cor. Disturbing news reached the apostle possibly from Timothy of further difficulties at Corinth, including the arrival of self-styled false apostles. To create the platform to teach their false gospel, they began by assaulting the character of Paul. They had to convince the people to turn from Paul to them if they were to succeed in preaching demon doctrine.

Temporarily abandoning the work at Ephesus, Paul went immediately to Corinth. So he left for Macedonia to look for Titus Wise enough to know that some rebellious attitudes still smoldered under the surface, and could erupt again, Paul wrote possibly from Philippi, cf.

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In this letter, though the apostle expressed his relief and joy at their repentance —16 , his main concern was to defend his apostleship chaps. He then went to Corinth, as he had written ; , 2. It also contains important biographical data on Paul throughout. Although an intensely personal letter, written by the apostle in the heat of battle against those attacking his credibility, 2 Corinthians contains several important theological themes. It portrays God the Father as a merciful comforter ; , the Creator , the One who raised Jesus from the dead ; cf.

Second Corinthians also presents the clearest, most concise summary of the substitutionary atonement of Christ to be found anywhere in Scripture ; cf. Finally, the nature of the New Covenant receives its fullest exposition outside the book of Hebrews — The main challenge confronting the interpreter is the relationship of chaps. Whether the offender mentioned in —8 is the incestuous man of 1 Cor. These and other interpretive problems will be dealt with in the notes on the appropriate passages.

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