Manual Deliverance of Love, Light and Truth

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Love Is God’s Light in the Darkness

These demons are sometimes variously can be masking as spirit guides, angels, wizards, ghosts and aliens or a number of other disguises. Focus on the areas in your body and life that you may have pain, suffering, fears or anxiety. This is the time to write down the detail or information you receive now. These are their most common names, but they have many, as they are collective entities and travel as a pack. Be aware of sub class satanic hierarchies of lower spirits. Keep an eye out for spirits of anger, rage, hate, unforgiveness, etc.

These parts of our energy split off and many times a type of spirit will be holding onto the piece of soul fragment — these types of parasitic spirits may need to be driven out. Some common types of Negative Spirits that are classified as the Spirits of Bondage include:. Each of these types of Evil Spirits has a number of specialists. For instance the Spirits of Glamour contains spirits which can specialize in the following:.

A demonic home is a fleshly environment by which gives it access and ability to live in a person. This is not a physical home, but a spiritual home. A root of bitterness for example, will create an environment or place in that person's life by which demonic spirits can enter and dwell among. All deceiving demonics and spirits are hereby notified of their eviction and to be cast out of this body, my body - mind and spiritual body in the power and Authority of God in Christ name.

I choose the God power of my core spiritual identity to inhabit my body fully and completely as the residence dedicated for Christ, and cast out all demonic spirits and their essences, scents, and residue. I further cast out to remove their demonic spiritual residences in a complete deliverance from their bondage! I ask Beloved God Spirit to heal any wounds, trauma, pain, suffering in my heart, body, mind and spirit to completely remove any residue of which is used as an open demonic portal into my body.

Intersection of Life and Faith

Beloved Holy Spirits please reveal to me now any information, I am required to be made aware of to participate in my spiritual healing fully. I ask all memories I require to heal be revealed to me now in so that I may address them fully for complete spiritual healing.

God Forces, Holy Mother Arc, and our Avatar Christ Self, please continue to assist and transport any and all demonics, negative spirits, Fallen Angelics, through all appropriate levels of transit as required.

Holy Rosary Continuous Run - Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful & Glorious Mysteries, Healing, Deliverance

Sovereign freedom consecrated to God Source with all intention now is chosen, thank you. I ask any parts of my being that are wounded, traumatized and in pain, that reside as a separate identity or alter and have another name in my body, mind or spirit, please reveal yourself to me now. I am guided by the Holy Spirit to protect all aspects of my identities and bodies — I ask any of my beloved identities in any time or space please come forward and speak to me, so that I may recognize you, witness you and love you with all my heart.

This is the time to write down the information you receive now. All identities, parts of the body and alters are loved, understood, embraced, and accepted in the Holy Spirit and Gods abiding love for you. Send you loving comfort to them, Tell the personalities in your body how much God and Christ truly loves them, with all of your heart shine the light of love to all of these hidden spaces to reveal them in the light.

Ask them to forgive you and to allow forgiveness to heal and integrate them.

Channeled love and wisdom from the Two Sister's Star Group, no. 2

Beloveds I the Spirit of Christ to heal all of my personalities to truly love God, to know God to feel Gods love for me. Tell you how much you love you — I love you. I love you. Personalities, just as the core person, have legal grounds of which allow or refuse demonic permission or access to inhabit and torment them. I address any implant, ritual object, Alter, symbol, gem, numerical value, name, color or false god which has been used to bind my identity to demonic forces within my mind, body or spirit.

I command my right to reclaim my core spiritual identity as single occupied, and to remove all bondage and agreements between these ritual objects, symbols, curses, ceremonies, implants, entities, demonics or Satanist spirits or essences. I denounce all connection to these artifacts in past, present or future time within all identities of my body to serve the God purpose of my core spiritual being. I ask all of my being and its aspects, to break the tie of any agreements that are destructive to my spirit.

I ask my Avatar Christ Self to inhabit my body and to take over any hidden spiritual spaces to be revealed and brought into the light of truth. Return now to my Christ and Core Spirit, all Keys, jewels, body parts and essences that are required to reclaim these spaces as one with God and Christ. I address any of my personalities and core spirit to identify and locate any harmful open portals located in my body, mind, or spirit that create spiritual weakness.

All deceiving and interfering spiritual oppression or demonic essences are cast out of my body, permanently completely and totally, I accept and allow the power and healing of Gods eternal light as the spirit of Christ to unite me with God. Every personality, identity, multiple personality, alter, generational or ancestral identity located in any time and space, any identity that has inhabited this body in any shape or form, I terminate any legal agreement and energetic law that serves demonic spirits or harmful entities, from pre-birth, birth, childhood, teenage-hood and adulthood through the act of my personal will NOW to choose self-determination for my core spirit — I choose sanity, wholeness, integration and healing as the perfected truth inside my body, mind and spirit which I know is made in Gods image.

I ask and pray with all of my heart for my core spirit to be shown all divine keys and spiritual gifts and truth from god in so that I may be able to express my highest service to Gods expression on this earth. The fourth source occurs less often and is not the result of strife: God may want you to end a relationship that is hindering your future. Most people do not want to accept personal responsibility. The danger with this is that you can develop a victim mentality.

You begin to believe that the reason you act the way you do is because of what other people have done to you.

Always begin by looking at yourself first. It is the result of judging the motives behind the actions of others. You jump to conclusions and take offense based on speculations. One of the qualifications of a minister is that he is sober minded. That means he is void of speculative imaginations. There is a time and place to discern and judge the motives of others, but it must be done properly. No matter what they have done, you have a choice in your response. You have percent authority over yourself. You can start walking in love toward another person anytime you decide to.

They were just light in comparison to the glory he would experience in eternity.

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If we compared all the hurtful things people have done to us to what Jesus suffered for our sake, our suffering becomes insignificant. Most of the time broken relationships are the fault of both the people involved.

Deliverance of Love, Light and Truth

That is especially true in marriage. No man has ever loved his wife the way Christ loves the church, and no woman has ever honored her husband the way the church is to honor God. The key to resolving problems in all relationships begins with forgiveness. Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him. No one is going to sin against you times in one day! David Knight. Forever To Be True. Within The Three Fold Flame. Two Planets. Leaturas And The Temple. The Miracle Of You. The Akashic Records.

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