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Bipolar disorder sometimes called manic depression is a mental health condition where people experience extreme highs, called mania, and intense periods of sadness or depression.

The Effects of Legal Highs | Young Scot

These phases of mania and depression are called episodes, and can shift rapidly. Some people may experience both at the same time. Along with changes in mood, people experience other symptoms that affect their energy, sleep habits and behavior. Unaddressed symptoms can interfere with school, work and relationships, and lead to dangerous behaviors that can have devastating consequences. However, bipolar disorder can be treated. When someone is experiencing the highs of bipolar disorder, they feel overly excited and energized, even though they may sleep very little.

The problem is that, without treatment, hypomania can progress into mania, where complications can occur. Often, mania leads to compulsive behaviors such as binge shopping, excess use of alcohol or drugs, or promiscuous behavior.

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Symptoms of mania include:. During the lows of bipolar disorder, individuals experience symptoms of depression, which can be incredibly debilitating. If left untreated, these symptoms can become severe and lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

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Hallucinations and delusions can also occur during a depressive episode. Other symptoms include:.

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Mixed episodes, when individuals experience both manic and depressive symptoms, can be especially dangerous. Individuals can also experience changes in appetite and sleep and feel especially irritable. The fact that you can walk into any major city and find shops selling legal highs in full public view shows most people have no clue how dangerous these can be.

Signs & symptoms of low blood sugar

Let us take a closer look at them. Okay, the manufacturers do say that most of their products have a mix of synthetic drugs that mimic the natural highs you find in substances such as marijuana. Clockwork Orange, which is one of the most prevalent legal highs, supposedly contains a category of synthetic cannabinoids.

Nevertheless, the reality is far from this. Most legal highs contain absolutely anything the manufacturers can lay their hands on.

A Dangerous Heat Wave Is Coming — Here’s How to Stay Safe in High Temperatures

It is basically a game of Russian roulette. Many of these legal highs cause seizures and can lead to the user to stop breathing. It has become a big problem at a number of music festivals around the UK, at which legal highs are hugely popular.

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Rehab is another problem for those addicted to legal highs. The withdrawal symptoms and the way in which patients react to these drugs are extremely difficult to judge. In many cases, withdrawal symptoms are worse for legal highs.

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There is a reason why these ingredients were never incorporated into the hard drugs we all know about. They are downright dangerous, with producers just after the quick buck. Let us zoom forward to when an individual leaves rehab after receiving treatment for legal highs. Now they have to contend with the mass marketing machine backing up legal highs. These drugs are brightly coloured and sold in packaging designed to encourage people to part with their cash. It is far more difficult for rehab centres to contend with this.

Whenever there is something shiny in front of a recovered addicts view, they may be tempted. Now you have another path to contend with on an already difficult journey. Of course, this does not mean legal high addicts cannot recover.